Rachael Taylor

Rachael Taylor was born in Tasmania, Australia in 1984. In her short acting career, she has made multiple appearances in both television and movies. She relays the fact that her childhood as an only child was very normal and that she loved to play fairies. Beginning in her high school years, Taylor performed in several school plays and performances. Her career then led her to a modeling job until she landed a role in an Australian television that ran for only a short time. Taylor’s big break came when she appeared in Transformers in 2007 as Maggie Madsen, the character who attempted to save the world. Since this appearance, Taylor has been known as a young rising star with the potential to appear in many more films.

Rachael TaylorSome of Taylor’s movie parts have been minor ones, such as Providence Park in which she appeared as a bicycle girl. Her latest film appearances have been in Melt, filmed in 2010, where the actor appeared as the character Stella. The movie Red Dog will be released in 2011, and Taylor also appears as a minor character. In addition, she is currently filming The Darkest Hour to be released in Russia and the United States in 2011. This movie centers on an alien invasion, but in a unique Russian setting rather than the typical American one.

Taylor is staying very busy this year. She is currently performing in the television series, Grey’s Anatomy, playing the role of a doctor. She is scheduled to appear around mid-season.

Taylor lived in Tokyo for four months while filming Shutter. In this film, she played the wife of a professional photographer. While she was in Japan making this movie, several scenes were shot in an old abandoned hospital and in decrepit houses that were uninhibited. In one of her interviews, Taylor relayed that fact that this was “kind of creepy.”

Taylor is an actor for the pure purpose of performing on the screen rather than trying to be sexy. Regardless of her intent, she comes across as being sexy anyway, and many regard her as a “hottie” with a big future in the movie industry. In an interview with Ugo, Taylor revealed that she does not “find that interesting” to pout and try to be sexy while she is performing. She says that she would rather play small parts in movies that require her to develop the character than try to be sexy. Taylor has been nude in the movies Cedar Boys and Ghost Machine when she was 24 years old.  Rachael Taylor nude pics are readily available with a little searching on the Internet.

The actor’s natural beauty carries the possibility that she could become just another Bay girl with a pretty face and perfect body. Her devotion to the art of acting and of not just being sexy and beautiful is the factor that will probably carry her onward in her career. She could have attempted to become famous as a model by continuing in that venture, but instead, she devoted herself to acting. Her determination, intelligence, and depth of character are qualities that will help her succeed in all of her acting goals.

In 2010, Taylor had a restraining order issued against her boyfriend/fiancé while they were on vacation in Rome. The actor apparently had bruises on her head from incidents that occurred there. Because this was the second domestic violence incident, many of Taylor’s fans were upset that the actor was again mistreated. Hopefully, Taylor has broken all ties with him and will not allow herself to be abused, but will devote herself to her acting career.